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Directing the BUSC’s FEATS production 2018

After the successful run of our prouction of All’s Well That Ends Well in summer 2017, Ina Habermann and I have the great honour to have been chosen to direct the competition entry of the BUSC for the FEATS Festival 2018. We will direct a witty, moving play by Ellie Lewerenz entitled FANCIES. We are very excited an grateful for the opportunity.

My agent is a #RisingStar

My brilliant agent Thérèse Coen is a Rising Star 2017! Every year, The Bookseller picks twenty people working in the British book industry with bright futures ahead of them. That Thérèse is one of them is no news to any of her authors. She is incredibly dedicated, hard-working, and secures amazing deals – that she sold Touch That Fire in such a brilliant deal as she did changed my life. I feel incredibly honoured and blessed to call her my agent, and cannot wait for all the future books we will make happen together! Félicitations à toi, agent extraordinaire !

Publication Month: TOUCH THAT FIRE

Follow me on Instagram My wonderful editor has given me, if not a publication date, then a publication month for TOUCH THAT FIRE in Germany: March 2018. Needless to say how excited I am! We have also begun working on covers (discussing what it could look like – her suggestions were so beautiful), the final title, and everything a book needs when it wants to be in a bookshop. Which this one really does. It cannot wait in fact. This also means I will have to have author photos taken, though. Grand. Cameras. The things I love best. Don’t ask me why, I will go on a stage and play a pregnant woman or a neurotic rabbit any day, but I do not want to see myself do it on film. Do anything on film, actually.

Signing the contract

When the contract with my German publisher Blanvalet was signed last week, I knew what had brought me to that moment: other writers. Writers who have shared their experience with us, like Samantha Shannon or Sarah J. Maas. I would like to return the favour. That is why I will be tracing the publishing process in the coming months, and why I will be looking back at how I even got to this point – for all the readers and writers out there. I will tag all those entries with #touchthatfire, the working title of my trilogy. I will also publish entries from my writing diary throughout this blog, always at the same date where I have made the actual entry. This way, I want to share how book 1 was made, and how book 2 is in the process of becoming. All those posts will additionally be tagged with #writingdiary. I hope that some writers may benefit from my experience as much as I have benefitted from others’, and that it will most of …

TOUCH THAT FIRE to be published in Turkey

Exciting news: TOUCH THAT FIRE has been sold to Turkey! Pegasus will publish it in Turkish. This is incredibly important to me; I grew up in an area called the Ruhrgebiet (it has many famous football clubs and some very good contemporary writers; not so much coal anymore, though) where Turkish is an ever-present language. I have been wanting to learn it for years, and this will be an added incentive. Besides, with the situation being what it is in Turkey, I cannot help but think about how a story’s significance changes depending on which context you put it in.