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The world today is more complex than it has ever been before. It changes from one moment to the next. One moment we celebrate a welcoming culture, then the New Year’s Eve sexual assaults happen in Cologne. One moment the first Afro-American President in the history of the United States stepped down, the next a white-orange billionaire appears out of nowhere and yells #fake. One moment we believe we have overcome the euro crisis, the next the Brits clear out, and European populists gather to celebrate white nationalism.

In times of alternative facts and short-lived news, deliberate journalism is more important today than it has ever been before. Questions are vast, their answers complex. 42 aims to counteract, to get things straight and thus, to inform you better. We are a trilingual interview magazine; each of our issues is dedicated to one of the most virulent issues facing our societies today, seen from multiple perspectives. We engage in discussion with international scholars of various humanistic disciplines.

For the first issue, we have interviewed ten researchers, from Kent to Montréal, about one question: TERRORISM. What is it? How does it spread? Who is responsible? And how can we stop it? The investigation of its causes is as relevant to us as its effects on the human psyche and the way terrorism is reflected in our language. With the news floating in from London, Paris, Berlin, have we started to integrate terrorism into European everyday life? In ten interviews, scholars of Psychology, Linguistics, Islamic Studies, and many others, offer insight into their respective disciplines in order to explain terrorism in all its relevant facets.

Forty-two cannot and does not aim to be the answer to “Life, the Universe, and Everything” but to give you food for thought, the option to look over the rim of a teacup, and to engage in the discussion. Therefore, we ask questions with curiosity and press further with courage, to be able to present an interview magazine that unveils complex, important information and opens up diverse perspectives.

“A bottle of sparkling wine, an old wooden table, five friends sitting around it: It was such a night where 42 was born. When I told my friends about the idea, there was much I did not know: How to migrate blogs, how to integrate a paywall, how to build a multilingual website. But I did know one thing: We were worried. That the the world as we know it, the free society we grew up in and took for granted, was under threat. But we also had hope: That we could do something to fight back. The answer to Trump, the AfD, Erdogan is: more information. More facts. More diversity. Not less. So we created 42. Were we prepared for all the work it would take? Probably not. Are we proud? You bet we are. Are we grateful? That most of all. To all those who have supported us, most of all the academics who gave us their time and allowed is to pick their incredible brains. On to issue #2!” Chrisse Lehnen, Concept & Technical Realisation Photo credit: Eva-Lotte Hill @christineisntgoethe @lena.kroni #42 #42magazine #newmagazine #letsgetstarted #launch #26062017 #inspiration #scienceisforeveryone #gründer #excited #interviews #blackandwhite #whoneedscolors #wehaveallshadesofgrey #europeanatheart #sharingiscaring

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