Month: May 2017


I am currently developing a TV serial for ITV Studios Germany. This is a very exciting project that I would love you tell you more about, but unfortunately, I have signed a non-disclosure agreement. I hope to have more news on this wonderful project very shortly!


The world today is more complex than it has ever been before. It changes from one moment to the next. One moment we celebrate a welcoming culture, then the New Year’s Eve sexual assaults happen in Cologne. One moment the first Afro-American President in the history of the United States stepped down, the next a white-orange billionaire appears out of nowhere and yells #fake. One moment we believe we have overcome the euro crisis, the next the Brits clear out, and European populists gather to celebrate white nationalism. In times of alternative facts and short-lived news, deliberate journalism is more important today than it has ever been before. Questions are vast, their answers complex. 42 aims to counteract, to get things straight and thus, to inform you better. We are a trilingual interview magazine; each of our issues is dedicated to one of the most virulent issues facing our societies today, seen from multiple perspectives. We engage in discussion with international scholars of various humanistic disciplines. For the first issue, we have interviewed ten researchers, …

© Sabrina Wollmann

Theatre: All’s Well That Ends Well

© Sabrina Wollmann This year, I put on William Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well for the BUSC, a wonderful theatre company in Bonn. Performances took place 8th through 15th July 2017 at the Brotfabrik Theatre. Once Upon a Time For its 25th anniversary, the Bonn University Shakespeare Company is proud to present two of Shakespeare’s fairy-tales: ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM. These two plays are two sides of the same coin: Presented back to back as well as on separate evenings, they share actors, lines, and the same stage to show all that fairy-tales are: the glittering spectacle of song and dance on the one hand, and the lies we tell ourselves in the face of unbearable choices on the other. While A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM celebrates the happy ending we all want to believe in, ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL looks behind the rose-tinted glasses to go where it hurts. How far would you go for your happy ending? – ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL Helena loves Bertram. …

Touch That Fire

Rea Emris is an abomination. Or so she has been told. In the thrilling fantasy trilogy TOUCH THAT FIRE, she grows up in a world where touching is outlawed. No one takes this as much to heart as Rea, for the law was passed because of people like her: When she touches someone’s bare skin, she can not only read their thoughts, but also change them. She is a magdalene. Ashamed and afraid, she has locked that part of herself away. Only at night, when she can no longer resist the urge to feel another’s mind, she sneaks away to the darkest parts of the city. There, she competes in illegal bare-knuckle fights, winning them with her special brand of brain, not brawn. On one of these nights, she draws the attention of the Captain of the Royal Guard of England. He has come there in search for someone to serve as a secret bodyguard to the Crown Prince. When he picks her out, unaware that she is a magdalene, Rea cannot deny the royal …