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Signing the contract


When the contract with my German publisher Blanvalet was signed last week, I knew what had brought me to that moment: other writers. Writers who have shared their experience with us, like Samantha Shannon or Sarah J. Maas. I would like to return the favour. That is why I will be tracing the publishing process in the coming months, and why I will be looking back at how I even got to this point – for all the readers and writers out there. I will tag all those entries with #touchthatfire, the working title of my trilogy.
I will also publish entries from my writing diary throughout this blog, always at the same date where I have made the actual entry. This way, I want to share how book 1 was made, and how book 2 is in the process of becoming. All those posts will additionally be tagged with #writingdiary. I hope that some writers may benefit from my experience as much as I have benefitted from others’, and that it will most of all give pleasure to all those who read our stories; because it is for you that we write at all. Not for us, or our characters, but for readers. Thank you for stopping by, and enjoy this blog!

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